Home is not just a place, but often the most significant investment you’ll make in your lifetime. Our Home Warranty Program safeguards your residence from unexpected repairs or damages, offers proactive maintenance, and guarantees you won’t face unexpected expenses when your home requires attention.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Home Warranty?

A Home Warranty Program provides protection from unforeseen repairs or damage on your home’s main appliance.

How many times a year can I use my warranty?

As much as you need – there are no limits. Many of our customers request service multiple times each year and save hundreds or thousands of dollars in repair and replacement bills.

How can I make sure my service contractor is qualified?

Each and every contractor goes through a rigorous screening process. After all, if the repair or installation is done poorly, we’re the ones that come out to fix it. 

My appliances are old, some of which could break down any day

Unfortunately, you can’t control when stuff breaks down. That’s why we have no age limits. We’re here for you regardless of your equipment’s age. 

Is it true I receive preventative maintenance even if nothing is wrong?

Yes – we provide a preventative maintenance check once every other year. The better your equipment works, the longer it lasts. 

I have a trusted contractor I’ve used for years…

Great. We would never want you to end a good relationship. At EH,  you can continue using that contractor, simply notify us of your preferred contractor before any work occurs and we’ll take care of the rest.